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A new drama

about an age old conflict

SNARED, specially adapted for radio, was premiered across Africa and beyond in a synchronised broadcast on November 1oth 2018.

Originally conceived for the stage by Tim Marriott and written by Floyd Toulet, SNARED toured the South East of England in 2012/2013 to critical acclaim from a variety of individuals and organisations including respected wildlife campaigners Will Travers OBE, Ian Redmond OBE and Bill Oddie OBE.

The play explores the tensions surrounding the poaching of Africa’s wildlife; the topical issues surrounding the trophy hunting debate and the growing conflict between the needs of the continent’s people and its wildlife.

It's time
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"It seems the world is full of extremes. Those who shoot, kill, maim and destroy. Those who justify cruelty and suffering in the name of Science. Those who turn away at the first sign of trouble. Those who remain oblivious to reality. No one who sees SNARED could be left unmoved or ignore the harsh realities it presents."

Will Travers OBE

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